Feb 06

Celebrating Excellence: Providing Cutting Edge Solutions for All | Think Michael Amankwa & CoreNett!

A young Ghanaian-Michael Amankwa has succeeded in advancing his excellent abstract ideas into a practical solution enterprise, geared towards enhancing the lives of many people in Africa.

After obtaining from James Madison University a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and completing his Master of Science degree in information technology and telecommunication systems from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, Michael Amankwa decided to make a real life impact with the extensive knowledge acquired… Where to start from would surely have been difficult for him but in consonance with his long held belief that “Africa has a lot to offer to the rest of the world’, Amankwa founded CoreNett Limited in Ghana, a transactions processing management company that provides cutting edge solutions to retailers, governments and other institutions for processing electronic transactions.

With the many self-driven and taught concepts in mind, Amankwa has succeeded in transforming CoreNett Limited into a multinational company, providing daily technologically advanced financial services to boost and speed business transactions in Africa.

Apart from the fact that Michael Amankwa smartly noted a gap in the market and quickly jumped in, he also realized that the existing gap needed to be bridged—as it was curtailing the progress of several African businesses… CoreNett, the brain-child of Amankwa offers many innovative services including, ‘branchless’ banking, a social networking platform for consumers and ‘enterprisers’, and technology allowing users to access financial services without having to step foot inside a building.

Considering the substantial progress CoreNett has made in Africa within the short period and the fast developing technological pace on the continent, the future of CoreNett is unshaken—since demand for its services is expected to astronomically increase alongside the high rate of technological penetration.

For the young entrepreneur-Michael Amankwa, this is one of the many steps he intends to take to transfer acquired knowledge into having a real life impact, through the provision of solutions for some of the many practical business problems being faced in Africa.

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