Mrs. Candy Dsane Head of Card Production Unit

Candy has had a number of years’ experience in the Technology space, assuming key roles in Customer Service as well as Operations management.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science from the University of Cape Coast. Candy joined CoreNett as a Customer Care officer.Iin this capacity, she played a key role in service delivery; her key focus was to delight her customers during every facet of customer interaction or journey. She subsequently moved to the ATM Card Department of CoreNett serving as a support staff. Candy’s excellent operational skills came to the fore during this period. She was consequently promoted to the position of assistant manager. Her contribution to the card business propelled a growth in business and gave her a further gave her a boost in her career.

Currently, Candy serves as the Head of Department for the Card Production Unit. Her role ensures that appropriate structures are in place to help plan, manage, and organize day to day operations within the card production unit.